Do I require planning permission for a shed or outbuilding

 This is dependant on the size of the shed/outbuilding related directly to the squared metreage of that construction.Typically with a small shed or greenhouse planning is not required depending on the square metreage.   If in any doubt please contact Robert Walton, our planning expert who can assist you in this.
I have been approached by a company offering to put solar panels on my house.  I will even make money out of it.  Is this a good idea?
Whether it is a good idea or not is difficult but they are quite dangerous because the company putting the solar panels up can obtain what is called security of tenure.  This means it can be quite difficult to remove them. There is also consideration to be given if there is a mortgage on the property as their consent will be required and there may be building regulations requirements. Before any paperwork is signed it is essential that legal advice is taken.

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