Wills, Trusts and Tax Planning

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  • Do I need to make a Will

    The short answer is “yes”.  If you wish to have complete control and certainty over:- (a) Who your executors are – who will be responsible for sorting out your affairs, (b) Who your beneficiaries are – who actually receives your...
  • Is it alright to make a home made Will

    There is danger here of sounding like a pompous lawyer.  Regrettably however in the writer’s experience the answer is “no”.  In his 20 odd years of dealing with Wills it is surprising how often he has found there to be problems...
  • What is Inheritance Tax

    Inheritance Tax is the tax that is paid when we die.  If an individual dies and if they are worth more than £325,000 then in principle Inheritance Tax becomes payable at the rate of 40% on the amount by which a deceased person’s estate...

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