A friend of mine tells me she has given her property to her children in order to protect it from nursing home fees. Will this work and how can I do it

If you need to go into a nursing home and if you do not have any capital assets then the local authority are duty bound to house you.  They will however, means test you.  If you own a property or have significant assets then you will have to pay the fees yourself.  You are currently allowed to hold £23,000.  It may be possible to transfer capital and assets (in particular your house) to the next generation.  This is done by transferring the property across and usually making a Trust Deed to guarantee your right to remain living at the property.  There are no guarantees however, because if the local authority can prove that an asset was given away with the intention of depriving them of it they can take it back into account.  The longer the length of time between the gift of the property and the requirement for the nursing home fees the better.  The issue is somewhat complex and would benefit an initial consultation if you are interested in this.

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