Notarial Services

In this country a notary public’s main function is to authenticate documents for use in other countries.  This can involve witnessing signatures and certifying copies of documents. A notary “notarises” a document by adding his own signature and seal, sometimes directly to the document and sometimes by attaching a certificate.

Notarising is required as a number of overseas countries, recognise the office of a notary public, but may not necessarily recognise certification by a solicitor.  Often therefore, documents which are likely to be used or are intended to take effect abroad need notarising.

A notary does not advise on the content or effect of documents he is asked to authenticate.  His duty is limited to ensuring that the Client understands the nature of the documentation.

Documents which may require notarising include

  • Document translations
  • Company reports
  • Passports
  • Statutory Declarations
  • Deeds

Our Notary Public is able to see you by appointment in any of our offices but can also visit you at your home or work place or arrange to meet with you at any mutually convenient location.

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