Bruce Scobie

The last 33 years of my life have been happily spent as a Solicitor at Chubbs in Wells. For most of that time I have been in charge of the Residential Conveyancing Department.  It may be easier to say what I don’t do than what I do. My long service has meant that I have conveyed houses, flats, farms, heaths, fields, factories, castles, towers, solar farms, power stations and almost every type of structure and land the length and breadth of England and Wales.

I also involve myself with land development work, dealing with Promotional Agreements, Options, New Build Sites, Solar Farms, S106 Planning Agreements and many other similar projects.

If you know me you will know I rise with the lark and can be found all too often slaving away in the office at the weekend. The desire to stay right up to date is a great motivator and in light of this I feel quite comfortable in charging myself out at £275 per hour.

I am married to Heather who also works here. We never talk about work at home.  Hardly ever.  Mostly left home children keep me young.  I have far too many interests including collecting books, fossils, Cornish art and stone-age tools.  Sub-tropical gardening and removing cactus spikes from my hands take up a large part of my time.  I love reading and value our connection with the Wells Festival of Literature enormously.

I am lucky enough to work with an incredibly diverse and exciting set of Clients. We are blessed with them in Somerset.  But nevertheless if I am honest the best bit of the job may be switching on “Out of Office” and heading off to some far flung part of the world for an adventure holiday.

My Favourites.

Favourite Book: Under the Volcano by Malcolm Lowry or perhaps The Power and the Glory by Graham Greene.  Funny my literary heroes always seem to be alcoholics with a death wish!

Favourite Drink: Half whisky half water – Scottish heritage – no connection to the answer to the previous question!

Best Album: By a country mile “Blood on the Tracks” by Bob Dylan who has been something of an invisible friend during my life.  I took my children to Sheffield to see him when they were tiny thinking he would not be around much longer – that was 20 years ago.

Favourite Beach: Porthchapel Beach, West Cornwall beating Scotland’s West Coast beaches because of the temperature and Abel Tasman in New Zealand because of proximity.

Favourite Past time: Playing Trivial Pursuit with my wife and children and their boyfriends and girlfriends on holiday somewhere wild.

Favourite film: I seem to have no time to watch them these days but Local Hero fits the bill.