Louise Clayton

I originally hail from Cornwall and enjoyed a wonderful childhood in a small seaside town. After graduating with a degree in media studies, I started my working life in a Devon law firm.  From there I had a brief spell in Bristol working for an organic certification company before returning to Devon to work within the media print industry and accountancy training.

I joined Chubb Bulleid in 2017 and as their HR Manager I work to ensure the company has the right balance of staff in terms of skill and experience and I enjoy working with others to help solve difficult issues. The good points are that no two days are the same and I get to travel across the offices and enjoy the beautiful Somerset backdrop.

I am an associate member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and qualified in Human Resources Management. The best part about studying was learning more about motivational factors and reward management.

A happy workforce is what us HR folk strive for on a day to day basis. Taking a very holistic perspective, I believe HR shouldn’t just be about form filling and guidelines but more about balancing great business results with a concern for the needs of others.  Empathy plays a massive part in my job and I am always fascinated by psychology and how to marry this with effective management.

Outside of work I have an energetic young family and enjoy quality time with them, making sure we have plenty of beach days back in my Cornish home town. I love a game of tennis and capturing moments on my camera, you’ll often find me lugging my kit around in the hope of getting a good shot.  I’m also into ethical and green beauty products and will always seek out the natural things in life.

My Favourites

Favourite season – I just love summer time as the days get longer and life gets better, plus there’s fresh fruit for your Pimms!

Cake or pie – I’m a big cake fan and can never turn down a slice, especially if it’s Vicky sponge or coffee and walnut. I’m a massive coffee head too so my favourite combination is a proper espresso and homemade cake, doesn’t get better than that!

Beach or countryside – Growing up in Cornwall has given me a love of the seaside so it’s the beach for me, every time.

Dogs or cats – I’m mad about dogs and we are about to welcome a four-legged friend into our family so everyone is excited, let’s hope the dog can keep up with the kids!

What super power would I like – Healing superpowers so I could fix people, just imagine the personal reward of fixing someone in real pain.

What would be top of my bucket list – I’ve travelled to lots of different places including America and Brazil but once my daughter is older I would love for the whole family to go to New Zealand. My Dad has been around the world twice and has always said it’s the best place on the planet…I’ll just have to put my spider phobia to one side and experience it for myself!