Mobile Home Parks

Chubb Bulleid has been acting for some years for owners of mobile home parks and has been instructed on a number of mobile home park transactions, including sales and purchases of mobile home parks and transactions involving individual park homes.    

Part of the transaction is to check the extent of the park and any legal complexities within the title deeds.  Careful consideration must be given to this issue, and each title must be reviewed with care and full enquiries. 

A full review of the documentation and information relating to the business and running of the park is made to ensure that there are no ongoing issues or breaches of any of the Site Licence regulations and conditions and that all required planning is in place.

Chubb Bulleid can advise on transfer and applications for Site Licences for mobile home parks, as well as providing advice on the terms and conditions of standard written statements under the Mobile Homes Act 1983 and its relevance to the purchase of mobile home parks.

Checks will also be made to ensure that the park complies with all current statutory requirements and legislation with regard to electrical appliances, asbestos, fire risk assessment, gas safety and environmental laws. 

Chubb Bulleid can provide legal expertise and advice for Mobile Home Park transactions in the following areas:

  • Statutory Requirements
  • Site Licences and planning
  • Pitch fees
  • Sale and supply of gas and other utilities
  • Mobile Home Act agreements and implied terms
  • Residents associations
  • Transfer of a business as a going concern
  • Employment issues
  • Goodwill
  • Capital allowances
  • Environmental
  • Fire Regulations/ Asbestos reports
  • Licensing

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