Agriculture & Rural Affairs

Chubb Bulleid has a wealth of experience in dealing with rural property transactions which include matters ranging from the sale or purchase of small parcels of land up to and including the transfer of active farms.

Agricultural properties often have hidden complexities which need to be considered carefully when land is transferred from one party to another. This may include aspects such as subsidies or agri-environmental schemes, and often agricultural land may yet to be registered at HM Land Registry.

Chubb Bulleid view rural affairs as a separate department to residential or commercial conveyancing so we can be sure our clients receive advice that is specific to agricultural premises. We often work closely with our Wills Trusts and Tax Planning department where necessary as we appreciate a decision made by one farming generation may impact on the next. We can also assist with the transfer or gifting of parcels of land from family members or division of farms as appropriate.

Chubb Bulleid offer a number of services to land owners or purchasers and these are set out in further detail below:

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