We are a local firm owned and managed by people at the very centre of our community. We are lucky enough to get on with each other, our Clients and our business partners extremely well providing a trusted reliable and thoroughly professional service delivered using the most up to date technology.  You will not see any glossy television or magazine adverts for us.  We do not pay anyone to introduce Clients.  We invest in training our lawyers and support staff to be second to none, as well as supporting community charities and arts projects.

Our philosophy is that if you do a good job for somebody they will recommend you to others. This is the honest and straightforward way we obtain our work. We place particular emphasis on driving a transaction; being central to it and not just waiting for things to happen – and keeping you informed at all times, even if nothing is happening.

We like to think that nobody give a better service than us. They may be cheaper but they will not be as fast, they will not be as committed, they will not be as determined to achieve the best result for you, they will not be as friendly and you will not be as impressed.

All our lawyers are available to see Clients at our offices in Wells, Street and Somerton.

Chubb Bulleid takes pride in the service we offer our Clients and as a result acts for a multitude of Clients from all walks of life including individuals as well as national and international companies. The firm strives only to act in the best interests of its Clients as their needs and requirements are all that should matter.

The firm has embraced technology which has enabled us to act for Clients all over the world and to consistently improve working techniques and training.


Chubb Bulleid Solicitors are based in the centre of Wells, Street and Somerton in the county of Somerset.  The firm as it is today was formed in March 1997 by a merger between Chubb Beresford in Wells which had nearly 150 years of legal expertise and Bulleid Leeks & Co., which was formed in Street and Glastonbury some 70 years or more ago.  Whilst the firm no longer has an office in Glastonbury it still has a presence in the town and will continue to do so.  On 4 October 2004, the firm of Alan R Walton & Company based in Somerton was incorporated within the firm.  We still have a thriving office in the centre of Somerton that continues to expand.  Some years ago we assisted in the closure of Roger Gay & Company and continue to store their Wills and Deeds.  As of 1 October 2015, T.G. Pollard & Co., of Wells merged with Chubb Bulleid adding 50 more years of legal expertise.  As you will see from our detailed philosophy the priority for this firm is to place itself in the centre of local communities.  That is the history and we hope the future of this firm.