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Chubb Bulleid understand that considering what will happen to your loved one and your personal assets after you have gone, is a rather sobering concept. However, at present only four out of ten people make Wills in this Country, despite the fact that the Intestacy Rules, (which apply when someone dies without having made a Will) can be incredibly unfair in certain circumstances.

It is important to make sure that your assets can pass to those that you love and are under the control of executors and trustees that you believe will carry out your wishes with the care and attention you would want. For those with young children the appointment of guardians for them and the control of assets on their behalf is a matter that requires serious consideration.

The current Inheritance threshold for an individual is a fairly modest £325,000.00, but with careful planning the hefty 40% “death tax” can often be avoided or, at least, mitigated and planned for. Indeed with careful planning a married couple will soon be able to be worth £1 million before inheritance tax is an issue.

For all Will clients we offer an initial free half hour consultation without obligation.  We undertake to complete Wills promptly and are happy to make home visits where required.

We are able to provide an efficient service from our very experienced professional team. Our service includes:

  • Preparing and drafting wills
  • Varying wills after death
  • Producing codicils
  • Acting as executors when desired
  • Measures to mitigate Inheritance Tax

In particular with regard to the latter point we have considerable experience in offering capital tax advice allowing you to plan for and mitigate inheritance tax and capital gains tax. This may be by way of planning during lifetime, through trusts, planning and Wills or assisting families in planning post death.

We are well able to give you the advice you require and are happy to liaise directly with your other professional advisers, accountants and independent financial advisers. Indeed we consider it essential to share information with other professionals who may be advising you, such as your accountant and financial adviser, to ensure that the most efficient taxation advice is given. We have particular expertise in the area of (a) inheritance tax planning – the tax that is paid when someone dies and the mitigation of the same, (b) capital gains tax – the tax that is paid when an asset is sold or given away and how this may be mitigated and (c) the use of trusts to alleviate the above taxes and to create a basis of family wealth protection.

Chubb Bulleid can provide you with the advice to best protect and further your assets, by correctly using the relevant reliefs and exemptions.  We can also advise on:

  • Rollover relief
  • Inheritance Tax
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Agricultural Property Relief
  • Holdover
  • Potentially Exempt Transfers
  • Business Property Relief
  • The Use Of Trusts
  • Chargeable Transfers


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