Matt Chalfont-Griffin

I am an experienced commercial and agricultural property lawyer with a particular specialism in business transactions including sales and purchases of pubs, hotels, holiday parks, guest houses, restaurants and the like.

I am a Director in the firm working within the Commercial and Agricultural Property Department.

I handle a variety of transactions that include all aspects of commercial property as well as business transactions and transfers of going concerns to include commercial leases, sales and purchases of commercial properties and agricultural land, residential parks, care homes, employment advice, planning advice, licensing matters, health and safety and statutory compliance.

I joined Chubb Bulleid as a trainee solicitor in January 1999 and qualified as a solicitor in 2001.   I became a Director in March 2002 and will undoubtedly be here until someone carries me out in a box, having modelled my career on one club heroes like Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes!

My long term goal of becoming a Jedi Master has sadly passed me by on the basis that my children seem to have lost interest in Star Wars!

I am more or less born and raised in Somerset and always wanted to stay in the County to pursue my career and my particular interest in the law.

I am married with two children and live in Wells.   When I am not working I love to cycle, play football and squash.  I also enjoy spending time walking in the local countryside with my golden retriever or sitting in a deck chair reading a good book.    I also love watching as much sport as possible, much to the disgust of my better half!

 My Favourites.

Favourite Book

Candide by Voltaire when I am feeling intellectual, which is rare.

Silence of the Lambs which in my opinion is still the most example of a book being better than any film or in my quiet relaxing moments …………… a good Beano Annual from my childhood!

Favourite Drink

Whilst my wife has done her best to introduce me to red wine over the last few years I must admit that nothing beats a good cup of Yorkshire Tea.

When with friends I have given up lager these days as it gives me a terrible headache and stick to a good G&T.

Burning Desire

I may have a bit of a death wish but now the children are older and I am better insured, I have a burning desire to jump out of an aeroplane and do a skydive and jump off something very high and do a bungee jump. They have always been things I have wanted to do but never actually got round to it.  The top two items on my bucket list perhaps.

Favourite Holiday Destination

Whilst I have not exactly travelled the world I have been lucky enough to travel to lots of places over the years but my most favourite holiday, and that of my family, remains a trip to Norway a couple of years ago. We visited an old school friend of mine and his family and spent the best part of a week up in the Norwegian Mountains.  I recommend it to anybody although go in the summer!

Dream Dinner Party

My dream dinner party is something I have considered many times over the years. Who would I want to have to dinner if I could pick anyone alive or dead?  I have never managed to really make a final decision but current thinking would be Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela, Eric Cantona, Ghandi and definitely Robin Williams for when the mood needed some definite lightening with his humour.   One of the funniest men ever to have lived.

The list will change over time but it would certainly be an interesting evening.