Grass Keep and Grazing Licences

As a land owner you may wish to let out part or all of your holding on a short term basis. These ‘tenancies’ are generally known as ‘Grass Keep’ or ‘Grazing Licences’.

They enable your Grazier to share the holding with you and use the Property for grazing or for hay making purposes. A licence such as this will usually only run on a short term basis over the summer months and the land owner will then take back full control of the Property over the winter months. This helps to ensure that the Grazier does not begin to acquire rights over the Property which may be more applicable to a longer tenancy.

Chubb Bulleid are able to assist with the drafting of these types of agreements both separately but also as part of a further transaction. For example you may be looking to purchase some rural land as an investment and may then require that a grazing licence is put in place.

Licences need to be drafted carefully to ensure that they reflect the terms agreed between both parties but also to be sure that the Landowner retains full control of the Property. Please contact a member of our team for further information.


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