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By Bruce Scobie

Solicitor Director

It is always very satisfying to learn that one of our young Lawyers is providing such an excellent standard of service to her clients, well done Gemma!


Hi Bruce

My wife and I have recently sold and relocated to a new property in Glastonbury.
Gemma Parsons handled all the legal requirements for us.
I just wanted you to know how pleased we were with not only her professionalism in handling the legal areas, but during an extremely stressful time ( Covid 19) her empathy and human touch.
She was very good at responding to our requests and was always a support when we were faced with obstacles…. especially good in giving the impression that we were her only client.?
As a Business Performance Coach where all the above skills are required I was particularly impressed and also I am aware of the benefits of feedback, wether good or bad to enable performance improvement within a company.
I have actually recommended her and Chubb Bulleid to a couple of associates who are thinking about potential moves in the future.
When/If we move again then we will certainly retain Gemma again and in fact any other legal areas we might require will be directed to CB.
Glad that CB is weathering the storm and will be firing on all cylinders soon.

Best Regards

Mike and Ann Webb


Received on 11th June 2020.