Kim Lord

I am a Cornish girl who moved to Somerset in 1985. I joined Chubb Bulleid in 1993 and as the firm has grown and adapted then so has my role. I have been involved with all areas of management and administration specialising more recently in finance and project management. I hold the Institute of Finance and Management Diploma.

My role now is undertaken largely remotely from home and covers anything that the board throw at me making best use of my flexibility, experience and ‘can do’ attitude. I remain an integral part of the management team.

My perfect day away from the office would be spent with my two grown up children and my two young grandchildren, on a Cornish beach (you can take the girl out of Cornwall, but you can’t take Cornwall out of the girl). Sun, sand, surf and laughter, with plenty of food and drink thrown in.

Always competitive, that part of my personality is now fulfilled on the golf course.

My Favourites

Coast or Country? – No contest. Give me the coast every time.
Favourite Film – Pretty Woman (every girl can dream!!)
Dream Car – Already own it ….. ‘Nannies funky surf van’.
Indian or Chinese – Either, Cake or Pie – preferably both, favourite ice cream – All of it. I think you get the message.