Lucy Milton-Downes

I am a litigation solicitor based in our Street Office. I qualified in 2008 whilst working for a legal aid practice in Harrogate. After spending the majority of my training contract representing clients who were detained under the Mental Health Act, I moved into private practice on qualification working for a large regional firm in York where I began my career in civil litigation, whilst also prosecuting DWP fraud in the local magistrates’.

I completed the Association for Contentious Trust and Probate Practitioners’ three-year course in 2019, and am a qualified mediator.

I enjoy problem solving and am a keen advocate of dispute resolution; there are rarely winners in litigation often only pride prevails. I will play Devil’s Advocate, to achieve a result that works best for my client.

My husband and I moved to Somerset in 2011. I have worked for three regional firms across Somerset and Dorset during that time, making partner-level in two.

I am married with three children.

I love being outdoors; skiing/snowboarding, walking, cycling, standing in the rain watching my boys play sport…

Favourite drink?

Wine – red, white, pink or bubbles! My husband and I are amateur wine enthusiasts, once making wine from our grape vine at home, which was sampled by Laithwaites!

Favourite film?

Pretty Woman or Bridget Jones.

Favourite book?

As a mum to three young humans, reading for pleasure is a rarity – so, my favourite book currently is The Gruffalo.

Favourite season?

I love the changing seasons – the beautiful colours of autumn, cosy nights in front of the fire in the winter, new beginnings in spring and long, warm summer days.

Favourite holiday destination?

Iceland; the country, not the shop.  Serene; clean-living; more ponies than humans; woolly jumpers.


Teleportation – I love the idea of being able to travel between time zones and experience periods of history as though living in the present.