Richard Bowater

Richard Bowater



I am an experienced Commercial Property solicitor who qualified in 2006 while at Withy King (now RWK Goodman) in Bath.

I originally joined Chubb Bulleid in 2009 and have recently rejoined after some years at a couple of different firms in Wiltshire.

I am based in the Street office and specialise in commercial freehold and leasehold sales and purchases, commercial leases and licences, landlord and tenant matters as well as conditional contracts.

My wife and I have two sons and we live in Bradford on Avon. I help with the local youth football and cricket teams. I have also started to play cricket again after a lengthy absence.

A Little More About Me:

Favourite holiday destination

My wife and I went to see Michael McIntyre in Norway a few years ago. We drove from Oslo to Lillehammer and savoured the magnificent lakes and mountains along the way. The seafood there is right up my street and the Norwegians are so welcoming.

Beach or countryside

Definitely the countryside. I can’t bear the sand on the beach getting in every crevice and pebbles are just painful. With the countryside, there is so much variety and change throughout the year with incredible views and experiences around every corner.

Favourite drink

A heavy red wine all day long – well, during the evening really. I like to chill mine in the fridge, or in the freezer if it’s an emergency.

What superpower would you like?

How kind of you to ask! Immortality is tempting, but I would settle for superhuman speed. Please.

Favourite season?

The height of an English summer with cricket being played everywhere, the satisfaction of mowing the lawn, long warm evenings and happy kids being active away from their screens. The one caveat is that the pollen count shouldn’t be too high.