Shaun Foulger

I am an IT manager with over 25 years’ experience of providing exemplary support. I am responsible for the reliable and secure running of the business systems. In addition to server and networking, I have knowledge of manufacturing, accounts/payroll, retail, CCTV systems. In my previous position I managed numerous server installations and network infrastructure refreshes. My largest project to date has been to replace an ERP/MRP and retail systems which involved evaluation, potential solutions, commissioning, training and support of the selected solution. This included replacing all the till systems at all the stores globally for the company.

I am married and we have one son called Harrison. I like to keep busy, so I have a number of hobbies and activities, in addition to the DIY that my wife tasks me with. Most of my hobbies have a link to do with my passion for electronics. I have kept Koi for as long as I can remember, currently I have 17 koi and a sturgeon called Peter in a pond with a window. The pond’s filter system is controlled by an Arduino micro controller. I enjoy tinkering with cars, our cars have upgraded lighting and HiFi. I am in the process of building a model railway which will feature electronic control. I also enjoy going to the gym.



Beach or countryside – Beach on a hot summer’s day walking in the surf – But I like the countryside too.

Sherlock or Midsomer Murders – Midsomer Murders

Indian or Chinese takeaway – Chinese

What superpower would you like? – Not a superpower, but I would like to invent hyperspace.  You could “pop” to the beach in the Caribbean one afternoon. No need to book a hotel – just “pop” home when the sun goes down.

Favourite season – summer

Cake or pie – Pie