Lasting Powers of Attorney Timescales & Fees

There are two types of Lasting Powers of Attorney – Health & Welfare and Property & Affairs.

The costs profile is as follows :-

  1. For the provision of one Power of Attorney £450.00 plus VAT
  2. For the provision of two Powers of Attorney (say one each for a husband and wife) £550.00 plus VAT
  3. For the provision of four Powers of Attorney (two Health & Welfare and two Property & Affairs for a couple, for instance) £750.00 plus VAT

Each document requires registration at the Public Guardianship Office and the fees are currently £82.00 for each.

The time that needs to be taken to take instructions, draw up the documentation and send to the Public Guardianship Office for registration is not great.   This can be done in a matter of days if necessary.  The Public Guardianship Office currently takes at least 4 – 6 weeks to deal with the registration process.

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