Leasehold Extensions and Enfranchisement

An area of the law that is expanding greatly at the moment involves the extension of Leases of flats and houses and the purchase by a leaseholder of the freehold interest in a house. There are several different areas of legislation and Chubb Bulleid have dealt with all of them.

The legislation is very particular and you will need careful guidance through the service of the relevant Notices, the drafting of documents and all other aspects of the work. If the correct procedures are followed a Landlord can be forced to either extend a Lease by 90 years or sell the freehold depending on the particular circumstances.  Sometimes the law allows for individual house and flat owners to extend Leases or buy freeholds.  At other times a collection of leaseholders within a larger building can club together to purchase the freehold.

There is also legislation ensuring that a freeholder must in some circumstances offer to sell the freehold to the leaseholders before the freehold can be sold to a third party. Also the management of the freehold can be taken from the freehold owner.

Chubb Bulleid are equipped to advise on all of this legislation.

Pricing will vary according to the work involved but is often shared as many may be involved. Feel free to be in touch with us for an estimate.

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