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How long does it take for the divorce to be final

To be able to start divorce proceedings your marriage must have been married for a year. If both you and your partner consent to the divorce and there are no complications it typically takes between five and six months for the divorce to be finalised once the initial application has been made.

In a divorce, will all of the money and property be split between us in equal shares

Not always. All marriages are different, and so the court have a wide discretion to attribute assets and make decisions, taking into account the circumstances of the marriage and its breakdown. The courts will always consider the needs of any children first.

My partner and I want to divorce. We dont blame each other, but just wish to move on. Can we still get a divorce on that basi

Yes you can. The sole ground for divorce is the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage, and when petitioning for a divorce you must state one of five reasons as to why the marriage has broken down. These are;

1) Adultery
2) Unreasonable behaviour
3) Desertion (for a period of at least two years)
4) Two years separation with you both consenting to a divorce
5) Five years separation if only one of you wishes to divorce.

Therefore you can divorce without having to place blame on your partner, if you live or have lived separate lives for a period of two or five years.

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