Lasting Powers of Attorney

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Can I appoint more than one person to be my Attorney

Yes. You can appoint more than one person and if you do, you can specify that they must all sign each document or that they can act individually. You can direct that they must act together in some decisions, such as selling your house or dealing with sums of money or assets above a specified value, but can act individually in others. You can also appoint someone to act as a replacement if your Attorney dies or is unable to act.

If I make a Lasting Power of Attorney does this stop me from dealing with my affairs myself

No – you are still free to make your own decisions and to write cheques and deal with your property as you always have. When the Lasting Power of Attorney is registered with the Court of Protection it also allows your Attorney to do so but they must act in your best interests and consult you so long as you have mental capacity.

Who can be my Attorney

You can appoint a member of your family or a friend. It must be someone you trust to act in your best interests. You can also appoint solicitors or other professionals if you wish to do so.

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