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The effect of divorce and separation on Children

When you are going through a divorce or separation the most important thing is the welfare of your children. It is usually best for the children to have a meaningful relationship with both parents even if you, the parents, find it hard to talk. If the father of a child is married to the mother then he has Parental Responsibility.  For children born since December 2003 and the parents are not married then the father automatically has Parental Responsibility only if he is named on the birth certificate. In all cases an absent parent has a duty to pay child maintenance.

There are several ways for people to acquire parental responsibility, including step parents.

It is always important to consider the effect of divorce and separation on any children you may have.  Even though you are going through a difficult time it must be remembered that your children will have an emotional response to the breakdown of a relationship as well.  This is one of the reasons that we try and help you go through your divorce or separation in as non-antagonistic a way as possible, so that you, as parents, can re-establish a working relationship.  Of course, this is not always possible and we will always ensure we do the best for you as our client whatever the circumstances surrounding your separation

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