Divorce and Separations

Breakdown of marriage and Civil Partnership

Divorce, separation and any relationship breakdown are traumatic life events.  Figures in the UK show high numbers of couples splitting up which can cost families dear in many ways.  Bitter disputes during a divorce or separation can cause huge problems for the couple, children and wider family members, such as grandparents.

At Chubb Bulleid Solicitors we believe that face to face contact with legal experts can ease the situation.   If you are going through a divorce or separation it is important to get clear information about your legal rights and responsibilities from a reliable source.

Instead of doing a divorce on the cheap and realising later that there are still problems that cause things to sour and are costly to resolve, we sit down with you to explore all the options to make sure you and your family have looked at all the issues arising from the separation and don’t have nasty surprises in the future.

If you are going through a divorce or separation cost is inevitably an issue.  We will be pleased to discuss different payment options with you.

Legal aid is generally no longer available in divorce, separation and other family matters except in certain circumstances.  One of these is if you are going through the process of family mediation and you are financially eligible.

Please note that Chubb Bulleid do not carry out Legal Aid work.

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