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I am thinking of buying a mobile home park. Can I just buy a field and apply for planning

You can but you may not be terribly successful. The development of a mobile home park is something that is quite strictly regulated and there is quite clear law on the matter. It is not just a matter of obtaining planning as you need to obtain a Site Licence under the Caravan Site and Control of Development Act 1960. Very strict guidelines are imposed. If you are interested in the acquisition or development of a mobile home park it is essential that you seek professional advice.

I have been approached to buy a log cabin in a secluded place in Cornwall. I am being told that I can buy it and I will not have to pay any Stamp Duty Land Tax and I am being asked to enter into a simple licence agreement. Is this too good to be true.

In reality it may not be. Log cabins and caravans are not entirely straight forward though. The short answer is that if something has wheels then it is regarded as a caravan and it does not attract Stamp Duty Land Tax when you buy it. Also because it is on wheels you do not enter into a long lease but a licence because it can be moved so it has no specific location. It is always best to check the detail and have a solicitor check over any documentation that you are asked to sign in this respect.

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